Answers for Class Tasks for – The Eyes have It – SAQ and MCQ

Answers for MCQ – The Eyes Have It – Class Task

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Q. The Eyes Have it is written by –

(1)- A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

(2)- Ruskin Bond

(3)- Leo Tolstoy

(4)- Langston Hughes

Q. The original title of the story The Eyes Have it is –

(1)- The Eyes Are Not There

(2)- The Eyes Are Here

(3)- The Eyes Are Not Here

(4)- The Eyes Not Here

Q. The narrator was alone up to –

(1)- Rohana

(2)- Dehra

(3)- Shaharanpur

(4)- Mussoorie

Q. Who got in the train at Rohana station –

(1)- A young boy

(2)- A young girl

(3)- A man

(4)- A blind young girl

Q. Where did a young girl got in the train compartment –

(1)- Rohana

(2)- Dehra

(3)- Mussoorie

(4)- Shaharanpur

Q. Who came to see the girl off –

(1)- Her aunt

(2)- Her parents

(3)- Probably her parents

(4)- Her brother and sister

Q. At that time the narrator was –

(1)- Partially blind

(2)- Totally blind

(3)- Not blind

(4)- None of the above

Q. Who gave the girl detailed instructions –

(1)- The woman

(2)- The man

(3)- Both of them

(4)- None of them

Q. What did the young girl wear –

(1)- Shoes

(2)- Slippers

(3)- Slappers

(4)- None of the above

Q. The couple was very anxious about the girl’s –

(1)- Journey

(2)- Health

(3)- Comfort

(4)- Sleep

Q. In that compartment the person first talked was –

(1)- The narrator

(2)- The young girl

(3)- Both of them

(4)- None of them

Answers for SAQ – The Eyes Have It – Class Task

1. How did the girl’s parents show their concern for her?

Ans. The girl’s parents were very anxious about her comfort and they gave the girl detailed instructions as to where to keep her things, when not to lean out of the windows, and how to avoid speaking to strangers.

2. Why was she startled when the narrator spoke?

Ans. She was startled because she thought she was the only one in the train compartment and did not notice the narrators presence.

3. What voices did the narrator hear when the train entered the Saharanpur station?

Ans. The narrator heard the shouting of porters and vendors, and a high pitched female voice near the carriage door which he guessed belonged to the girl’s aunt who had come to pick her up from the station.

4. Why did the narrator remain silent when the next fellow traveller came into the compartment?

Ans. The narrator remained silent when the next fellow traveller came into the compartment because he was busy in daydreaming about the girl.

5. What did the new passenger assume from the narrator’s silence?

Ans. The narrator’s silence made the new passenger assume that he might be disappointed as he(the new co-passenger) was not half so attractive as the previous passenger.

6. What did the second man notice about the girl?

Ans. The second man noticed that the girl was attractive and had beautiful eyes but her eyes were of no use to her as she was completely blind. 

7. Why was the second man puzzled when he was asked if the girl’s hair was long or short?

Ans. The second man was puzzled because he thought the narrator would have noticed her hair; he didn’t realize that the narrator was blind, too.

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