Answers for Unit Exercises of The Runaway Kite

The Runaway Kite

Answers of Unit Exercise along with extra questions

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Unit 3 B

9. A) What did father find when he went back home years afterwards?

Ans) Years later when father went back home, he found his brother had died and he could not find his sister.

9.B) Where did Aunt Esther live?

Ans) Aunt Esther lived hundreds of miles inland.

9.C) Why did Aunt Esther turn pale?

Ans) When Aunt Esther saw the kite patched with the letter she had written to her brother years back, she turned pale.

Extra Questions and Answers

1. What happened the next day?

Ans) The next day father went to the mainland and brought Aunt Esther,Mimi and Dick with him to the Big Half Moon Island to stay with them.

2.How were Mimi and Dick?

Ans) Mimi and Dick were too adorable and jolly kids .

3. Why did the father leave home?

Ans) Father left home after quarrelling with his brother.

4. Who was Aunt Esther?

Ans) Aunt Esther was a widow and the mother of Mimi and Dick who lived hundreds of miles inland.

5. What was the best thing that happened to Claude and Philippa after the kite incident?

Ans ) The best thing that happened after the kite incident was that they now had relations and were not alone anymore in the Big Half Moon island.

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