Class Task for – On Killing A Tree

On Killing a tree

SAQ ( Short Answer Type Questions ) from the poem “On Killing A Tree”

1. Who wrote the poem ‘On Killing Tree’?

2. What type of poem is this?

3. What causes the bark of a tree to bleed?

4. ‘The bleeding bark will heal’ – Why does the bark bleed?

5. From where would the curled green twigs rise?

6. What, according to the poet, is ‘the most sensitive’ part of a tree?

7. What scorch and choke the tree after it is pulled out?

8. What will happen to miniature boughs, if unchecked?

9. What is the strength of a tree?

10. Why is the bark of a tree is called leprous?

11. “Not a simple jab of the knife will do it.”- What cannot a simple jab of the knife do?

12.“It has grown slowly”- What has grown slowly?

13. Where does the tree get its food?

14.“Not so much pain will do it”- When does the tree feel the pain?

15.“And from close to the ground will rise”- What will rise from close to the ground?

16. How will ‘the bleeding bark’ of the tree heal?

17.“Out of the anchoring earth;” What is meant by ‘anchoring earth’?

18.“The root is to be pulled out”- Why is the root to be pulled out?

19.“And out of its leprous hide sprouting…”- What sprouts out of the leprous hide?

20.“But this alone won’t do it”- What does ‘it’ refer to here? What does ‘this’ refer to here?

21.“…pulled out entirely,”- How is a tree to be pulled out entirely?

22.“Out from the earth cave”- what is to be pulled out from the earth cave?

23.“And from close to the ground”- what is close to the ground?

24“…will expand again”- what will expand again?

25.“And the strength of tree exposed”- When is the strength of the tree exposed?

 26. “…hidden for years inside the earth”- what remained hidden inside the earth for years?

For all probable questions and answers from the poem – On Killing a tree – Click Here

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