SAQ – MCQ for the poem Asleep In The Valley by Arthur Rimbaud

Probable SAQ – MCQ in WBHS from the poem Asleep In The Valley

Probable SAQ from the poem Asleep in the Valley

1) Where does the slow streamflow?

2) “…they fill the hollow full of light”.- What are ‘they’ referred to here?

3) What is the soldier’s pillow made of?

4) Who lies stretching in the heavy undergrowth?

5) What is the smile of the young soldier compared with?

6) “The humming insects don’t disturb his rest;” Why? 

7) What does the expression ‘sun-soaked’ mean? 

8) Who is asked to keep the soldier warm?

9) “…there are two red holes.”- Where are ‘two red holes’ seen? 

10) What does the word ‘rest’ signify?

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Probable MCQ from the poem – A Sleep in the Valley

The poem “Asleep in the Valley” is a/an –

(A) Ode
(B) Haiku
(C) Sonnet
(D) Dramatic monologue.

What kind of poem “Asleep in the Valley” –

(A) lyrical
(B) satirical
(C) rhetorical
(D) epic

“Asleep in the Valley” is a –

(A) Petrarchan sonnet
(B) Shakespearean sonnet
(C) Spenserian sonnet
(D) Hopkinian sonnet.

The poem is about –

(A) nature
(B) love
(C) a pretty girl
(D) the futility of war.

Rimboud’s poem reflects the —

(A) fruitfulness
(B) heroism
(C) romanticism
(D) fruitlessness.

The setting of the war goes back to –

(A) World war 1
(B) World war 11
(C) The cold war
(D) 1870’s Europe.

The poem “Asleep in the Valley” reflects —

(A) The pity of war
(B) The glory of war
(C) The beauty of the valley
(D) The beauty of the soldier.

The word ‘green’ in the poem signifies –

(A) monotony
(B) youth and life
(C) boredom
(D) lifelines

The humming insect did not disturb the soldier as –

(A) he was dead
(B) he was peaceful
(C) he was a nature lover
(D) he was violent.

The soldier’s pillow is made of –

(A) flowers
(B) fern
(C) grass
(D) leaves.

The soldier lies in the valley because he is a –

(A) winner of the war
(B) casualty of war
(C) sleeping person
(D) tired person.

The valley referred to in the poem “Asleep in the Valley” is small

(A) yellow
(B) red
(C) green
(D) grey.

The soldier was –

(A) decorated with flowers
(B) mutilated
(C) lying with his feet burying in the earth
(D) lying in the bushes with his feet in flowers.

The sun’s rays fill the ———– full of light.

(A) blank
(B) empty
(C) hollow
(D) valley.

And leaves long strands of silver.- Here ‘silver’ refers to the –

(A) silvery sea beach
(B) ropes made of silver
(C) silver river bank
(D) silver-coloured sand on the river bank.

…They fill the hollow full of light. Here ‘hollow’ refers to –

(A) the valley
(B) the open mouth of the soldier
(C) holes caused by bullets
(D) none of the above.

The valley described by Rimbaud was –

(A) rocky
(B) sandy
(C) green
(D) barren.

The two red holes depict –

(A) arrow piercing
(B) blood clots
(C) stab marks
(D) bullet wounds.

The bullets wounds have left two red holes –

(A) on the chest of the soldier
(B) on the side of the soldier
(C) on the skull of the soldier
(D) on the feet of the soldier.

The boy poet refers to –

(A) Gieve Patel
(B) William Shakespeare
(C) Arthur Rimbaud
(D) John Keats.

The soldier’s one hand lies –

(A) on his head
(B) on his cheek
(C) on his forehead
(D) on his breast.

The poet requests Nature –

(A) to lull the soldier to sleep
(B) to disturb the soldier’s sleep
(C) to keep the soldier warm
(D) to make the soldier catch cold

The sleep of the soldier should not be disturbed –

(A) by the flowing stream
(B) by the flow of sunrays from the mountain top
(C) by the humming insects
(D) by the cold of the grass bed

The rays of the sun are compared with —

(A) stream
(B) pool of fire
(C) the beauty of a flower
(D) none of these.

The smile of the soldier is –

(A) cold
(B) warm
(C) innocent
(D) none of these.

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