The Poetry of Earth – Class Task – WBHS English Second Language

The Poetry of EarthJohn Keats

1. What type of poem is “The Poetry of Earth”?

2. Give the rhyme scheme of this sonnet.

3. What do you mean by ‘new-mown mead’?

4. ‘The poetry of earth is never dead ‘- What does ‘Poetry’ stand for?

5. Who takes the lead in summer luxury?

6. When has the frost wrought a silence?

7. What does the Cricket’s shrill voice seem to one in drowsiness?

8. Where was the Grasshopper seen in summer?

9. What might one hear on a lone cold silent winter evening?

10. ‘…a voice will run.’ – Whose voice is referred to here?

11. Mention the seasons in “The Poetry of Earth”?

12. Where do all the birds take rest in hot summer?

13. Where does the Grasshopper take rest?

14. Who carries the music of Nature in winter?

15. From where does the shrill sound of the Cricket come on a lone winter evening?

16. What does Keats celebrate in the poem?

17. What type of poem is ‘The Poetry of Earth”?

  18. “The poetry of earth is ceasing never”- What does the poet suggest by the expression?

Multiple Choice Questions from the poetry – The Poetry of Earth

1. The word ‘mead’ means —

2. ‎The phrase ‘hot sun’ and ‘cooling trees’ suggest that the season is —

3. ‎The song of the cricket is heard from—

4. ‎The cricket is associated with season —

5. ‎The Grasshopper sings from —

6. ‎”The poetry of earth” is written by—

 7. ‎The sun in the poem “The poetry of earth’ is —

8. ‎What has the frost wrought —

9. ‎”…he takes the lead” – here ‘he’ referred to —

10. ‎All birds faint because of —


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  1. 1.The title of the poem is petrarchan sonnet

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