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The Proposal by Anton Chekhov explained in Bengali

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov Explained in Bengali

1.Discuss Chekov’s “The Proposal” as a supreme example of a one-act play.

Ans) Anton Chekhov has a significant impact on the creation of modern drama. A One-Act- play narrates the happenings of a single day and revolves around a solitary incident which takes place at a particular place. “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov describes the events of the day when Lomov goes to Chubukov’s house to seek his daughter’s hand in marriage. The play deals with a specific issue… Therefore, Chekov has chosen only three characters to highlight the theme of courtship and marriage. The strength of the play lies in its energy that is built through a series of dialogues. The three characters, Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov, Natalya Stepanova and Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov with their very witty and humorous dialogues make the play alive. . Chekov has successfully criticized the lifestyle and mannerism of the landlord gentry of the 19th century Russia. Chubukov’s drawing-room is the place where all the drama takes shape. Thus, “The Proposal” fulfils all the criteria of a one-act play.

2. Describe the character of Chubukov as a sensible father.

Ans) Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov, A a well wealthy landowner in Chekhov’s play “The Proposal”, was troubled with the responsibility of finding a suitable husband for his daughter he readily accepted it and encouraged him to talk to his daughter. It is clear that he disliked Lomov as he gave vent to his real feelings during the course of their argument. However, when he found Natalya getting excited for bringing back  Lomov, as a sensible father he realised that Natalia and love should get married. Though Lomov had abused them and insulted their family we must consider that he was a man of principles. He shouted at them and insulted them in a fit of anger but his actual self got revealed when he said that he did not want the meadows but was acting on principles. So he considered Lomov to be a man of moral values. Hence for his daughter’s sake hi almost forced them to get married even in the middle of a fierce battle of words. In this way Chubukov proved himself to be a sensible father to whom his daughter’s well-being was his first priority.

3.Give a character sketch of Natalya in the one-act drama – The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

Ans) In the play “The Proposal”, Natalya Stepanova is twenty-five years old lady, the daughter of a wealthy landlord Chubukov. We learn that she is an excellent housekeeper, not bad looking, well-educated and stubborn. When she appears in the play she almost destroys the romantic atmosphere of the play and all the expectations of romance in the situation that is supposed to be romantic. She shows no” Love-sick-cat “ kind of attitude that her father has led us to expect. This spirited lady mocks and argues with Lomov unabashed but gets extremely excited and realises to call him back when she comes to know about his proposal of marriage. In her extreme eagerness to get married, she accepts the proposal never even uttered by Lomov and kisses the undisposed and confused Lomov at her father’s command but starts to argue immediately after that. Thus, Chekhov uses her as a tool to satirize the process of courtship and marriage.

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